Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sci fest or sky fest???

A couple of days ago we went to sci fest it was an experience. We arrived early enough because we had to leave at 8 and when we got there we saw a lot of projects. My group was in the physical sciences category and we were put into a lab with a few other groups...we felt very important. Then the judges came around and analysed our projects which was fun but after our third judge we were getting tired and Hungry! After lunch we went to a few lectures i went to one on alcahol. Then there was the awards, we listened to the speeeches and then he began announcing the winners he called out the juniors first and then the intermediate which was us. There was a first and second place for each catagory and he announced that we had come second which was amazing because we felt we blabbered on in our second interview so we were very pleased and even more pleased when we got a 15 euro voucher for one for all. Then they called out the winner of the catagory which was roisin p and lauren m. This was great as another project from wolstans had won a prize . Then they had a space award i think which wasnt in a catagory but it was a seperate thing and ciara m, saidhbh h and oriana f. won this. Then they announced the winner of the biology catagory and that was aoife b, kate e and steph hanan who in the end won the overall award so out of 180 projects st wolstans won five awards...not a bad day all in all! well done everyone :)

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